WOODLAND WALK AND WOLF ENCOUNTER This tour experience is open to 1-6 people in a private group. Starting at a national park trailhead near our sanctuary, a Predators of the Heart guide will lead you on an easy 1-mile hike through 700 acres of beautiful, sun-dappled forest. Old-growth trees tower overhead, cool breezes meet us from the lakeside of the trail as our experienced guide educates us and answers questions about wolf behavior, habitats and ecology. Then, MEET OUR WOLF AMBASSADORS, Max and Kakoa, who will escort us the rest of the way into the grounds at Predators of the Heart. You will be able to touch, photograph, and walk with wolves in this once-in-a-lifetime setting! This encounter is limited to mid-April through early October and lasts approximately 2 hours.

COST: $175 per person or $900 for full group of six

DRESS CODE strictly enforced: No leather, furry, downy, or feathery clothing or dangly jewelry. Long pants, t-shirts, and closed-toed sneakers or boots are most appropriate. Please refrain from perfumes as wolves' noses are sensitive.

BEHAVIORAL GUIDELINES MUST be followed to complete the tour. Please listen to our wolf handlers and don't spoil it for others!

face your fears tour


FANGS AND TEETH abound in this challenging tour designed to test your goosebumps! Hold a rattlesnake or giant python, feel the flick of a tegu's tongue or tickle of a tarantula, feel an alligator breathing in your arms. What are you afraid of?

COST: $60 per person or $300 for a full group of six. This tour is available year-round and lasts about an hour. The selection of animals is subject to change.

GUIDELINES must be followed for your safety and the animals'. All snakes have been made non-venomous. Our experienced handlers will ensure that each interaction is as safe as possible.


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