Our goal is to reconnect kids with nature in a fun and educational, unique way!

what we bring

This is a list of animals youll see at your party:

Opossum, skunk, eagle owl, porcupine, kinkajou, tegu, american alligator, gila monster, monitor lizard, diamondback rattlesnake, cobra, gaboon viper, corn snake, milk snake, python, tortoise

Who we are

Predators of the Heart is a non-profit wildlife sanctuary. By having us come to your party, you’re helping us improve our habitats and care for these wonderful animal ambassadors. All proceeds go toward furthering our conservation efforts for animals with many difficult backgrounds and needs. We bring unique animals that no other party program offers in the Pacific Northwest. This is one of the best values we can offer and can’t be matched!


Minimum donation: $350

One-hour presentation at your location (travel fees may apply)

First 30 miles free

To book a wildlife encounter,

photography session or private tour:

Ashley Carr

P: 360-770-7479


 Accounting Department:

Denise Coleburn

P: 360-840-6160

F: 360-293-7392



General Information:

General Inquiries | Questions or Concerns | Volunteer Questions

Ashley Carr

P: 360-770-7479