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Predators of the Heart is the most diverse exotic animal refuge sanctuary of its kind in the State of Washington.

We are dedicated to helping all species of wild animals who, for various reasons, find themselves without a place to live out their lives. Many of our tenants are victims of divorce, foreclosure, financial hardship or were purchased by people who were ill-prepared for the specialized care that most of these animals require. We are an animal rescue and preservation establishment, sanctuary.
In addition to housing unwanted exotic species, we pride ourselves in educating the public about responsible animal ownership. Our ambassador animals attend numerous public events every year, and each one has its own story to tell and its own lessons to teach. While each animal has its own unique, sometimes tragic story, they share a common trait: they were all facing an uncertain future and possible death sentence before being adopted by our facility.


Our Place

Our 10 acres wildlife preserve is located in the forest lands of fildigo Island, Our 17 wolfdogs share the compound with cougars. bobcats, links, hawks owls, vultures, skunks, opos- sums, armadillos, and a host of exotic reptiles all used in the Predators of the Heart wildlife show. We re constantly striving to provide a safe clean environment our weather is very mild and wet most of the year with cold light snow most winters


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