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Predators of the Heart is dedicated to consistently improving the habitats and wellbeing of our animals. We believe that good stewardship is the key to honoring these animals and nurturing a love and respect for all of creation! All donations we receive on this page are tax-deductible and will be invested directly into the projects listed. Please contact us if you wish to specify a goal. 

Dave Coleburn, director: 360-840-6164

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Updates to our habitats:

$5k each: Three one-acre enclosures to allow our wolf pack to roam more freely during the day in natural forest enrichment. This will increase their quality of life, and give us a beautiful location in which to host encounters and educational programs. Each enclosure requires approx 700' of 8-foot-high fencing and 80 ten-foot poles. The cost is for materials alone, all volunteer labor. Sponsors of the wolf paddocks will have a name plaque mounted in their honor.

$4000: Concrete pad 125'x525' to pour in existing enclosures. This will allow the animals to stay dry, improve their dens, enable easier separation during breeding season, and keep our handlers safer by removing current gravel substrate, making the task of changing animal bedding easier and more sanitary.

$800: Improved electric fencing for perimeter areas. Current fencing is providing inadequate deterrent for curious animals who may injure themselves exploring an area.


$1500: A specialized sublimation printer that will allow us to produce professional weatherproof signage for our viewing areas and trail system

$600: Propane water heater

Now available: Monthly subscriptions through Paypal! When you become "part of the pack" you provide care for all of the animals in our sanctuary. Make a symbolic adoption today that will provide daily food, veterinary care, enrichment items, and a happy habitat for your animal. When you adopt you will receive a tax deduction at the end of the year! Paypal will automatically take care of your monthly contributions. You can unsubscribe at anytime. Thank you for your support! Without you what we do would not be possible!


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