Predators of the Heart is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We have been captivating and educating audiences since 1998 and have become the largest traveling exhibitor in the Northwest. Our sanctuary is in Anacortes, WA on a 10 acre parcel that houses wolves, cougars, bobcats, birds of prey, many different species of reptiles and small mammals. We are insured and licensed by the USDA that ensures the safe keeping, proper care, and humane exhibition of our animals. Our goal is to educate children about wildlife, not only to teach the facts about the animals, but to use an approach that leads to an appreciation, affection, compassion and respect for these living creatures - to make it clear that an animal's value is not determined by its similarity or services to humans. Our purpose is to develop caring and concern for the animals. Our aim is to help open the eyes of their hearts to see that all nature is interconnected and realize that apart from it we cannot survive. We also serve as a sanctuary for animals that cannot be reintroduced to the wild and need a safe and healthy environment to live out the remainder of their lives.


Animal Sanctuary

Predators of the Heart is the most diverse exotic animal refuge of its kind in the State of Washington. We are dedicated to helping all species of wild animals who, for various reasons, find themselves without a place to live out their lives. Many of our tenants are victims of divorce, foreclosure, financial hardship or were purchased by people who were ill-prepared for the specialized care that most of these animals require.
We are an animal rescue and preservation establishment, not a "sanctuary".


Wildlife Programs

Educational and entertaining close up of nature’s most amazing animals. Just when you thought you had seen it all, out comes another awe inspiring animal! This crowd pleasing program incorporates audio, video, and live exhibits.

Animal Encounters are ideal for private parties, classroom discovery, corporate events, and school assemblies. Animal encounters may be specific to one species or a combination from our large collection. 30 or 60 minute programs available.


Tours and Photography

Take a private or small group tour and meet our wildlife ambassadors face to face. Photography and filmography sessions are available with wolves on our beautiful forest acreage. This is a wonderful opportunity to have an intimate experience in a secure setting with some of nature's apex predators.


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