Predators of the Heart
  • Character Challenge

    Combines an animal encounter with a meaningful message that promotes positive life choices and the development of character qualities such as patience, focus, perseverance, and other qualities illustrated by our animal ambassadors! 30 or 60 minute program.

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  • Adopt

    Animal adoptions are fun and they make great gifts! Show your support for our beautiful animals and Predators of the Heart’s efforts by adopting an animal. Make a symbolic adoption today that will provide daily food, veterinary care, enrichment items, and a happy habitat for your animal.

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  • Reptile Shows

    Our programs are customized and appropriate for their intended audience. An array of animals, varying in number, are included in each program depending upon the programs duration. An average of 8 animals are displayed during a 30 minute program with an average of 16 for a one hour program.

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  • Misty Island Wolf Ambassadors

    Our Wolf Ambassadors have been seen by thousands of people young and old. With Wolf Ambassadors from some of the best packs in the country we are producing some of the finest wolfdogs available today. We will only sell our animals to pre-approved homes.

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Washingtons Largest Traveling Wildlife Exhibit & Reptile Show

Predators of the Heart has been captivating and educating audiences since 1998.  Our animal encounter show has been seen by small community groups to the largest festivals with 40,000 in attendance. Predators of the Heart has been a guest on numerous television programs.

Predators of the Heart Animal Sanctuary Repties

Animal Sanctuary

Predators of the Heart is the most diverse exotic animal refuge of its kind in the State of Washington. We are dedicated to helping all species of wild animals who, for various reasons, find themselves without a place to live out their lives. Many of our tenants are victims of divorce, foreclosure, financial hardship or were purchased by people who were ill-prepared for the specialized care that most of these animals require.

We are an animal rescue and preservation establishment, not a "sanctuary".

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Predators of the Heart Corporate Fair Booking Reptile Show

Reptile Programs

Reptile programs may include an 8 foot American alligator, 12 foot king cobra, 100 pound alligator snapping turtle, giant Burmese pythons, gila monster, copperhead, cotton mouth, green mamba, rattlesnake, lizards, and other reptiles from our collection of 28 species.

(Venomous snakes have had their venom glands surgically removed and are handled with extreme caution.)

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Predators of the Heart Corporate Fair Booking Reptile Show

Animal Encounters

Educational and entertaining close up of nature’s most amazing animals. Just when you thought you had seen it all, out comes another awe inspiring animal! This crowd pleasing program incorporates audio, video, and live exhibits.

Animal Encounters are ideal for private parties, classroom discovery, corporate events, and school assemblies. Animal encounters may be specific to one species or a combination from our large collection. 30 or 60 minute programs available.

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